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Thank you for your inquiry about the Chandler School of Interior Decorating. The owner/instructor, Tom Chandler, is an Oklahoma Baptist University graduate, with a BS degree in Business. He has owned Chandler's interior decorating firm since 1980, and Chandler's School of Interior Decorating since 1981.

The School offers two semesters yearly Fall and Spring as well as a Special Summer Session when scheduled.  The course includes lectures and demonstrations, slide presentations, tours of private homes and supply houses, panel discussion, guest speakers, and the opportunity to work hands-on with Tom Chandler and the design team.

Comprehensive seminar topics range from blueprints to finishing touches.. .including floor plans; placements of furniture, art and accessories; selection of paint, wallpaper, and fabrics; mixing patterns and textures; applying balance and scale; approaching special areas, such as foyers, hallways, mantles, bookcases, and surfaces; window treatments; lighting design; floral and plantscapes; and decorating for special occasions.

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Scheduled to start
February 21st in Little Rock, AR


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No previous decorating coursework or experience is necessary for enrollment in the program. No testing is administered, and you will not receive a letter grade for your coursework. Your attendance and promptness is important. YOU WILL, however, receive on your transcript, a "C" (Complete) or "I" (Incomplete) for your attendance during the twelve week course. If you must miss a class, or class is cancelled due to inclement weather, you can schedule a makeup in the following 12-week session. Students must complete eighty-five percent (85%) of the class to receive a certificate of completion. Less than eighty-five percent (85%) attendance will result in student probation. To remove probationary status, you must makeup missed classes in the following session.

If you are unable to attend the first two classes of the course, please make arrangements to transfer your enrollment to the following 12-week session by calling our office at 501-372-2764.

After completing the course, you will have a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of interior decorating, as well as an increased confidence in decorating decisions. A Chandler's School certificate is awarded to each student upon satisfactory completion of the course.

ill titleCancellation and Refund Policy....

One hundred dollars ($100) of the registration fee paid to the school by the student may be retained as an enrollment or application fee.

All amounts paid in excess of one hundred dollars ($100) shall be refundable.

During the first twenty five percent (25%) of the program the refund shall be made on a pro rata basis based on the total number of clock hours for which the program is licensed.

At completion of 25% of the program the student owes 50% of the tuition.
At completion of 50% of the program the student owes 75% of the tuition.
At completion of 75% of the program the student owes 100% of the tuition.

ill titleClass Size is Limited!

(The first 60 deposits received at our office determine Enrollment.) Your check/credit card payment IS your application, so be certain to note your current home address and phone, and work phone number with payment. Your cancelled check/credit card statement will be your receipt. Please contact our office at 501-372-2764 if you have any additional questions or to clarify any remaining details. We look forward to seeing you in class!


Chandler School of Interior Decorating is licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education. The Director certifies that the State Board of Private Career Education will receive advance notice in the event of changes in the content of this bulletin. The information published in this bulletin is expected to remain effective during the forthcoming licensing year.


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