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ill titleGreetings!

Welcome to the website of Interior Decorator Tom Chandler of Chandler & Associates and the Chandler School of Decorating.  Long before house makeover shows filled the air waves, veteran Little Rock designer Tom Chandler was fine-tuning the craft for his clients. "I've been doing this my whole life and professionally for the past 28 years," Chandler says. With more than 3,000 redoes under his belt, Chandler believes interior design is a science. "I realized there's a reason for the placement of every piece of furniture and accessory when I started teaching," he says. "Of course, it helps to have some talent, but anyone can make their home better by following a few simple rules."

ill titleHow it works....

ill_1Chandler insists that the clients not be at home during these one-day makeovers. "We always remind them to have something planned away from the house for the day," he says. I am the exception so that I can document the magic. On the appointed day, Chandler and his team arrive at the home, and the space is quickly evaluated. We discuss the room's function and what needs to be accomplished.  "An original consultation beforehand is possible if it makes the client more at ease," Chandler says, "but it's not necessary. We have 75 to 90 jobs going on all of the time all over the country.  My time, manpower and ability are all that I take with me. It doesn’t matter what the client has in their home.  It's a matter of making what they have relate to the room. Whether it's Razorback memorabilia or a prized collection of thimbles, if it's the client's favorite item, it's Chandler's favorite for the day.

ill titlePresentation of the new home design....

ill_1When their clients arrive home, the entire Chandler team stands outside the front door to greet them. The lights are on, music is playing in the background, candles are lighted and everything is in order. "We greet them with 'Welcome to your new home because even though it may not be a new home, it takes on a whole new feel," Chandler says. "We love it when they cry because they're so happy, which happens quite often. A lot of people can't believe 'This is my house and these are my things.'

(excerpts taken from Catherine Rodger's article in the Dec. 2005 issue of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette)


Chandler & Associates, Inc.
Chandler's School of Interior Decorating
2210 Cantrell Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202
Phone: 501-372-4278

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